6 Fun ways to Make Your Christmas Happy And Healthy

The holiday season has begun and so has the need to stay healthy and fit. You would be surprised that we are trying to focus on health even while talking about the holidays. With Christmas celebration, wedding receptions, New year bash, and many more events, December can be declared as the official party month. With busy social activities and party schedules most of us might decide to feast on fried foods, sweets, skip exercises, or miss everyday skin routine. We are therefore presenting some smart ways to keep yourself healthy so that you can enjoy the festive season with great energy and enthusiasm.

1. Get On To The Dance Floor

Yes, dancing is fun! But, if you feel a bit awkward to get on to the floor at the parties, look at dance as a type of physical activity. With change in routine during holidays you are very likely to miss your exercise so make it up with the dance moves.

2. Get social

Parties and festivals are a great opportunity to get social and meet people to exchange some great talks. Getting involved in social activities and discussion in group is a great way to relax your mind. In fact, people who suffer from mental stress or anxiety are often advised to join some support group so as to increase their social interaction.

3. Have some family time

In the technology driven we are getting closer to people who are far and forgetting to catch up with those who are very close to us.  Make some time for your family and keep your gadgets away while you are sharing the quality time with your loved ones.

4. Send your loved ones a gift of wellness

We all like to make our loved ones feel special. But buying a gift for someone who is very health conscious can get really tricky. This year show your concern for health through a gift that promises health benefits. You can send a voucher for therapeutic massage at a reputed spa to your loved  ones.  Massage therapy relaxes your body and rejuvenates your mind.  Spa therapy therefore seems like a great idea to get rid of all your mental tensions and stress before entering the new year 2016.

5. Light Scented Candles

Christmas is all about sweets, carols and decorations. This year try to get a little innovative and get scented candles as great fragrance is a well-known mood lifter. Some specific fragrances are also known to calm and relax the mind. Read how fragrances can impact the body and mind. 

6. Have healthy foods for Christmas dinner

Just a little more! Comes the offering and we tend to gladly accept it promising to make it the last one. This is how we slowly start consuming more calories than what we need. When the consumption of calories becomes higher than its expenditure, it leads to weight gain. The display of calorie rich fatty and sugary food will surely be inviting but you can avoid it with some smart tricks. Start filling your plate with salads and veggies to curb your hunger so that you eat less portions of fried and sugary food. Remember this especially when you are having buffet style meals.

We wish you a very happy, fun-filled and healthy Christmas 2015!