6 Common Myths About Spa Debunked

Scientific Spa

Do you withhold yourself from trying a massage at a spa just because you think this place is just not for you? Well, it’s time to debunk all your myths about spa, because spa experience can be professional and therapeutic too.

Many people have a misconception that spa is all about luxury and pampering. But, at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa we offer therapies that have therapeutic as well as scientific touch. Here are 6 common myths about a spa and our sincere effort to help you see beyond the perceived image of a spa.


Myth # 1 Spa Therapies Are Expensive


Dim light, soft relaxing music, aroma of herbs and expensive massages! Is this how you imagine a spa? Although it could be somewhat true with most spas, it’s time to leave behind all your perceptions and look at spa as a therapy that provides numerous health benefits.

Four Fountains De-Stress Spa is Affordable
The main objective of our spa is to offer a healthy and stress free life through affordable therapies to as many people as possible. A majority of therapies are priced between a range of Rs.599 to Rs.1,599. Now spa therapies and a stress-free life need not be a costly affair.

Our guest Sonal Sarthi reports, “The spa has great facilities, trained staff and the services do not dig a big hole in your pocket”. Read how Sonal Sarthi stays stress-free through affordable Back Massage at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa.


Myth # 2 Spa is Only for the Rich & Pretty

Rich and Pretty

Spa is often perceived as a luxury that only rich people can afford. Many spas claim to offer therapies that use some unique, rare and precious ingredients. In addition, spa is looked upon at a place to get pampering done to enhance your aesthetic looks. However, spa therapies offer much more than just beauty and relaxation

Four Fountains De-Stress Spa Offers Benefits to Everyone
Whether you are a working professional, an entrepreneur or a home-maker, stressors such as bad posture, frequent travel, stiff deadlines, aggressive targets, long working hours, and a never-ending checklist of things to do are integral part of modern life. All these stressors may eventually cause body pain, anxiety, fatigue or disturbed sleep, which most of us experience many times a week. All these therapies are provided in a scientific and holistic manner based on your needs.
Our unique benefit-based menu helps you to choose the spa therapy that best meets your needs in a few simple steps. Due to affordable prices, this spa is for everyone!


Myth # 3 All Spas Offer Cross-Gender Massages

Cross gender massage

People often have such myths about spa that every spa offers cross gender massages.

We Show a High Level of Professionalism
It is our policy to offer only same-gender therapists to our guests i.e. a lady therapist for ladies and a gentleman therapist for gentlemen. Shower enclosures in each therapy room and extensive use of disposable linen ensure that our guests enjoy only the high standards of hygiene and privacy.


Myth # 4 Spas are Not Easily Accessible 

Weekend Outing

It’s often observed that spas co-exist with hotels that offer luxuries stay. Also, the idea of day spa is not known to many.

Four Fountains De-Stress Spa is Widespread
Our day spas are present at 28 locations across the following cities in India – Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bengaluru and Pune. All the spas are conveniently located in prime residential neighbourhoods. We aim to bring the health benefits of spa therapies within everyone’s reach by setting up 300 affordable spas in the top 20 cities of India by 2016.

View Four Fountains De-Stress Spa locations


Myth # 5 Spa Therapies Do Not Have Any Scientific Basis

Spa Doctor

You could be thinking this too. Spa is often viewed as a place for beautification and pampering.

 Four Fountains Spa is a Scientific Spa
Four Fountains De-Stress Spa is not your normal spa. Unlike other spas, it is the only spa chain in India that takes a scientific approach to solving stress-induced problems. Our therapies are individually tailored to suit your need. At the spa we offer various programme to solve health issues such as pain, sleep problems, fatigue, low immunity that mainly arise due to stressful lifestyle. All the therapies are offered by professional therapies who undergo a rigorous training.
We are the only spa chain to offer services of a qualified spa doctor. Our spa doctor is your constant guide throughout your journey with us. Not only during your first visit but also subsequently you will be consulted by one of our qualified spa doctors.


Myth # 6 Spa Therapies Do Not Provide Long-Term Benefit

Keeping notes
Many people visit spa just once because most of the spas pay little attention to the results of their therapies.

We Measure the Benefits
We use reliable, scientific tools and devices to measure and share with you the beneficial effects our programmes are having on your health. Our belief is that your investment in your health must yield measurable results.

Spa is not all about beauty and relaxation. It is for everyone who needs to de-stress. Book your appointment for a de-stressing massage therapy at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa.


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