5 Reasons Your Office Colleagues Hate You and Would Never Tell Why


A football game, cricket match, or a difficult project at work, good team work can always increase your chances of getting success.  However, many times due to different personality, education, family background, or lifestyle factors, many people just do not mesh together. When this happens with employees in one team at work, it can surely affect the quality of work and productivity.  Have you ever sensed some hatred or cold treatment from your colleagues at workplace?  Some may tell you upfront but many would never reveal the real reason behind their unpleasant behaviour. Here we have listed 5 common reasons people start hating their co-workers at workplaces. If you feel some are applicable to you, take an action to correct it and win back your colleges respect.

1. You Often Get Angry with Your Co-Workers







Bringing emotions to workplaces can be extremely unprofessional. Dealing with people who often get angry and throw tantrums is unpleasant. Although you know it is not personal, your gestures of anger can completely turn down your co-workers. Lifestyle factors such as stress at workplace or lack of sleep can make your irritated and angry.  You can try some natural therapies such as Yoga or meditation that can effectively reduce agitation and help you control your anger. Aromatherapy is another proven therapy that promotes good sleep and causes mental relaxation. It uses some essential aromatic oils that reach the brain and control your emotions including anger.  Try Aromatherapy and see the difference for yourself.


2. You are Forgetful 

Forgetting to send important emails, missing important meeting, or not being prompt with answers, etc. imply lack of attention. Reduced attention or lack of focus at work can lead to several errors and suggest a careless behaviour that shows negative impression on superiors. Studies report that chronic stress reduces spatial memory: the memory that helps you recall locations and relate objects.  Aromatherapy Massage is known to stimulate the parts of brain that improve alertness and thus help you focus on the tasks.

3. You Are Always Glued To Phone

Who likes a noisy neighbour be it at home or office? People who are always glued to or talk loudly on phone can be really distracting. And, unfortunately in the era of smartphones it is very common to see people totally involved in their phones. According to a survey conducted by researchers at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business, too much use of phone for personal reasons during work times is disrespectful and annoying. It signifies lack of attention, interest and efficiency at work.

4. You Appear Lethargic

When you get inadequate sleep at night it makes you lethargic during the day.  Lack of energy and interest can reflect in your low quality of work, which can be very disappointing to your colleagues. If you have constant low energy and overall grey feeling it signals a serious condition called fatigue. Massage therapies like Thai Massage is known to reduce tiredness and boost your energy levels. Get rejuvenated and recharged with a Thai Massage this weekend.

5. You Look Dull And Less Confident 

A healthy skin reflects a good internal health and great energy levels. People with glowing skin often tend to make lasting impression and stand out in crowd. On the other hand, people will dull face often seem to lack the confidence. Unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, staying awake till late, eating too much fatty food, etc. can affect your skin health and make it appear dull. You may even appear much older than your age and may not get any attention from your colleagues. Make sure to take care of your skin because a healthy and glowing skin can improve your confidence.  Try skin rejuvenating facial and boost your confidence.