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Why Go To a Spa?
Why FFDS Professional

Pain, tiredness, tension & disturbed sleep are signs that you are stressed

Whether you a working professional or a home-maker, symptoms like body pain, anxiety and fatigue are signs you are stressed.

Why FFDS Professional

The effects of stress can be very harmful on your body and mind

In a stressful situation your sympathetic nervous system gets activated and your body secretes the hormones adrenaline and cortisol to deal with the situation. High levels of these hormones can cause high BP, blood sugar imabalance & insomnia. Physical stress can lead to slip disc & frozen shoulders.

Why FFDS Professional

Massage therapy helps prevent damage due to stress

During a massage your body releases beneficial hormones such as endorphins and serotonin that calm your mind. This reduces pain, induces relaxation and helps the body return to equilibrium. Massage also improves blood circulaion which speeds up the repair of damaged tissues.

Why Choose Four Fountains De-Stress Spa?
Why FFDS Professional

Benefit-Based Spa Therapies

Our unique benefit-based menu offers spa therapies for pain relief, anxiety relief, better sleep, fatigue reduction, de-toxification, immunity, age reversal and skin whitening. These include more than 30 massages, facials, body polishes, body wraps and packages.

Why FFDS Professional

Professional Family Spa

As a family spa with over 55% of our guests women, you can experience our spa therapies in a safe, professional environment. With a strict no cross-gender therapy policy, we offer only a lady therapist for ladies and a gentleman therapist for gentlemen. Every therapist undergoes over 400 hours of rigorous training and certification at our in-house spa training academy.

Why FFDS Professional

Affordable Prices

With our prices 20-40% lower than those at other spas in your city, you can now make regular spa therapies part of your health regime. Our weekday discounts and membership discounts make our affordable prices even more delightful. We quote our prices transparently and inclusive of all taxes so that what you see is what you pay.

Why FFDS Professional

"I feel Stress-free and calm after
an Aromatherapy Massage"

- Sameer Deans

Why FFDS Professional

"Swedish Massage takes away
all my body pain"

- Dr. Gita Muliyil

Why FFDS Professional

"I love the hospitality of the staff.
They are very calm and helpful"

- Amrita

Four Fountains Lab Products

Four Fountains Lab

Improve the efficacy of your spa therapy with our range of health products. These products have been designed by a team of scientists to manage your stress and lifestyle problems.

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Just Launched:Home Spa

Why FFDS Professional

We are happy to announce the launch our Home Spa services in Mumbai, Delhi NCR & Pune.

Corporate Wellness

Why FFDS Professional

Are you an HR or Administration Manager planning a wellness initiative for your employees?

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Gift Voucher

Gift Spa Vouchers

Gift your loved ones an experience infused with health benefits!

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Pre-paid Membership

paid Membership

A smart way to make our affordable spa therapies even more affordable! Purchase our pre-paid membership that is a complete value for money.

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Work With Us

Why FFDS Professional

Build a career with India's largest chain of affordable health spas. We're hiring!

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