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Try Healthy Stress Management Therapies At a Professional Spa

Four Fountains De-Stress Spa in Delhi is a highly professional spa that respects your privacy and hygiene concern.

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Daily travel in metros, rushing to office through crowded places, and sitting in front of the computer the whole day! Almost every working professional in Delhi is aware of ill effects of such hectic lifestyle. Stress is actually body’s natural response to threat and danger, and can help one to perform better by causing some specific biochemical changes in the body. However, being constantly stressed out or under pressure cannot motivate you to do perform better.

Managing your stress levels is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent health problems that are triggered by stress.

If you are on a lookout for some healthy ways to manage your stress, body massage in Delhi at Four Fountains De-Stress Spa could be your answer. To book appointment call us @ 09987004004 for appointment at any spa location

How Do We Maintain High Level of Professionalism?

The therapies offered at Four Fountains Spa in Delhi are holistic and are selected carefully on the basis of their effectiveness in solving stress related problems. The spa believes in high levels of professionalism and hence takes care of even smallest things that make the guests feel very comfortable.

4 Reasons That Make Four Fountains Spa in Delhi a Professional Spa

Massage in Bangalore
  • We provide only same gender massages i.e. a female therapist for a lady guest and male therapist for gentlemen.
  • We provide disposable linen to each guest for maintaining hygiene and privacy
  • Each room has a self-attached bathroom for the convenience of guest
  • You get consultation from medical health professional who provides guidance for selecting right therapy based on your needs

Hear From People Who Endorse Four Fountains De-Stress Spa As a Professional Spa

Spa in Delhi reviews

Reviewer Name: Anuj Wahi       Reviewer City: Delhi       Review:

“I prefer taking Thai body spa in Delhi as it is very relaxing. I feel significant relief from my back pain and feel refreshed. The spa therapies are reasonable priced and so it’s a total value for money. “

Massage Services Review in Bangalore

Reviewer Name: Mrs. Amajrjeet       Reviewer City: Delhi       Review:

“The therapies offered at the spa are very relaxing and offer several health benefits. I like Swedish Massage with wintergreen oil as it makes my body feel light and relaxed. “

Scientific Programmes Offered At Spa in Delhi

Pain-Relief Programme

Includes therapeutic Pain Relieving Massage  (uses technique of Swedish Massage) and Lumbar Massage (focuses on back region) to manage body pain as well as back pain caused due to stressful lifestyle

Better Sleep Programme

Includes Sleep Regulating Therapy (based on classic Ayurvedic Therapy Shirodhara), which is a proven method to create mental calmness and promote sleep

Anxiety Relief Programme

Includes Anxiety Relieving Massage with special herbs that are known to relieve mental tension and reduce other symptoms of anxiety

Anti-Fatigue Programme

Includes Adrenaline Regulating Massage, Energy Restoring Massage and Reflex Point Stimulating Foot Massage all of which energize your body and mind

Immunity Booster Programme

Includes Lymphocyte Stimulating Massage (uses principles of Ayurvedic Massage) that stimulates the production of lymphocytes to improve immune power of the body

AO De-Tox Programme

Includes Body Polishes and Body Wraps with natural ingredients that promote sweating and stimulate the lymphatic system to expel the toxins out from the body

Skin Whitening Programme

Includes Facials, Body Wraps and Body Polishes that reduce skin darkening and impart glow to the skin

Age Reversal Programme

Includes Facials, Body Wraps and Body Polishes that reduce the signs of age reversal such as wrinkles, dryness and sagging of skin

Click on a spa below to view services, prices, address, map and phone numbers.

1. South Extension

 (Closest to Behind Kotak Mahindra Bank,Next to Ritu Kumar,South Ex II)

2. Shivalik

 (Closest to Malviya Nagar,Saket,Hauz Khas,Begumpur)

  • Review & Testimonials
  • Four Fountains De-Stress Spa - Delhi

    Jul 23, 2014 by Tanvi

    Both, Mom & I, choose the Swedish Massage with winter oil along with a head massage, which was a 60 minute treatment. We were directed to the spa room where they began the massage on beds, started with foot cleansing. The therapist was attentive and efficient throughout the treatment. An hour later, I was thoroughly zen and revitalized. You can’t believe how good an hour of pampering can feel in the Delhi heat. We were then left to use the private shower facilities with aroma infused bath products.

    Being a spa-connoisseur-of-sorts I would say this is a great in-city-spa experience you can get if you are looking for pocket-friendly pampering session without having to head out to a hotel/resort. The Four Fountain Spa - Delhi has clean and spacious spa rooms, attentive and skilled therapist and easy accessibility, which makes it an overall winner.

    If you are in need for a pampering session or even wish to simply unwind from the hustle bustle of the noisy-busy-Delhi city, I would highly recommend making a reservation here.

    Four Fountains De-stress Spa Review - Delhi

    Jul 07, 2014 by Lisha

    I booked an appointment for their property in South Ex Part 2. Its terribly hot here and I was a bit miffed when I reached but I was pleasantly welcomed by the whiff of lemongrass and lavender with dim lighting. I instantly felt relaxed and was guided by their front desk on the service best suited for my needs. I decided to try out their Signature Green Tea & Spice Scrubassage which is a combination of scrub and massage

    Overall, I had a great experience at The Four Fountain Spa. The prices are affordable(worth every penny) and you can easily avail discounts if you go on a weekday. One thing that I really liked were the add on services like head massage, foot reflexology that you can avail for free if you check in on Facebook etc. I highly recommend it and if you have a special someone in your life then don’t forget to check out their tempting couple packages as well!

    Four Fountains Spa Delhi- Review

    Jul 07, 2014 by Ritu Rajput

    The services that I opted for were also very nice. Before visiting the spa, I carefully studied about all their services, and had already made up my mind as to what I wanted to try. Being a coffee addict, I selected the Coffee and Cane Sugar Body Polish (coffee+ cane sugar+ oil blend) and it was amazing! Made my skin really soft and smooth, and I can feel the smoothness on my skin even as I write this post (been a few days since I went there). The scrub is a little too scrubby, and is apt for those with slightly rough skin. For my skin, the therapist said it was a little too harsh, so she used light pressure of the hands. After the scrub, I was made to take a warm water shower. Thereafter, my whole body was coated in a sea-weed body pack, and wrapped in a plastic sheet. It felt really funny to be wrapped in plastic like that, but the pack was really nice and it absorbed all the excessive oil on the skin from the scrub before, and left it clean and fresh after another shower.

    Overall, the therapies that I availed were really nice, and I would recommend these to you to try.

    Spa session was very relaxing and very comfortable!

    May 07, 2014 by Eshna

    Recently I visited the Four Fountains Spa and I have to say that the visit could not have a better timing.
    I was stressed,tired and exhausted.
    My work involves a lot of sitting and as a result I have a stiff back and neck.
    Why just me? Most of us have such jobs these day. Well may be nothing like mine :-p but something like it.

    I had a great experience at The Four Fountains Spa,my therapist Jyoti was very dedicated and worked on my issues whilst suggesting me what I should do for better health.

    It was very relaxing and very comfortable too. If you have never been to a spa before I suggest you start from here,because the staff here will guide you and help you in every possible way.
    And another benefit is the price range,their prices are very affordable and reasonable. You can visit their site for more information. I went to the South Extension one. This is a great option for a spa in Delhi

    Too much work? Who cares?

    Jan 04, 2014 by Anupama K. Mazumder

    I had never been to a spa before, and I had many apprehensions. She literally shoved me up the staircase. Upon entering a dimly lit soothing reception area, I felt much better. There was a welcoming aroma lingering around, that soothed me. The staff were friendly, and they helped me choose the Ayurvedic Oil De-stressing session with Swedish Massage.I was led to a chamber that was laid out in a welcoming fashion. The session that followed was simply out of the world - one feels like a queen while experienced hands of the therapist massage hot oil all over your body. I had a lingering low back pain that is common to all who have desk jobs - the massage relaxed each body part and took away all sorts of body ache.It was a good overall experience. Now whenever I am stressed, I know where to go to.
    Refer -

    A day at Four Fountains Spa and a Giveaway!!

    Nov 05, 2013 by Sushmita

    \"The four fountains spa has a number of outlets and I visited the one nearest to my home – The Four Fountains Spa in Delhi (South Extension 2). I chose summer splash package, which was Swedish massage spa technique therapy session to be done with special cooling gel. The Spa room was clean and pleasing. The therapy session was a wonderful & relaxing experience; I completely forgot all the worries as the expert hands of the masseur worked their magic. In fact, I dozed off to a wonderful nap in between. After the spa session (massage) was over, the immediate effect I felt was the absence of back pain which was nagging me for almost a month and a refreshed feeling from within!! The four fountains Spa experience was a refreshing one and I have become a convert to the Day Spa concept; indeed when short of time and still in need of some pampering, day spas are a convenient option\". Refer -

    The Four Fountains Spa

    Nov 05, 2013 by Shalini

    \"I had been to The Four Fountains Spa in Delhi (South Extension 2). I chose Head-Neck-Shoulder massage & Hydrating Facial for myself. Ambiance - The whole spa has dim lights and soothing mellow music playing. I really felt relaxed and sleepy after the head-neck-shoulder massage. I loved the ambiance and it immediately had a relaxing effect on my mind. The ambiance, it was soothing and relaxing. Full of aromas of essential oils. Staff was humble and helpful. The facial was good.Therapist was very attentive and professional. Therapy is worth spending money. You can avail discounts in visits during Happy hours. They offer some really amazing deals and discounts for members. I am definitely going back for another therapy/ massage session. I might try Swedish massage this time since the entire massage experience was so relaxing! The whole ambiance, aroma and well trained professional staff made my experience delightful. I would highly recommend their services to everyone\". Refer -

    Simplicity does magic

    Sep 30, 2013 by Anonymous

    What i appreciate the most about them is their customer service. be it online or offline, they are pretty quick and helpful. an ambiance that lets you enter the world of serenity and the divine feeling enters your mind, body and soul. i actually dozed off while the massage was on. That says it all. Smooth, clean and simple relaxation!

    Peace to die for

    Sep 28, 2013 by Anonymous

    Got some highly needed body massage and peace at four fountains. Their staff was pretty kind and the aromatherapy was supremely blissful. Soothes me completely. 4 stars overall. Loved it.

    Value for Money and Time

    Sep 16, 2013 by Anonymous

    Had a great experience at the four fountains spa at their Adchini outlet as i was on my trip to Delhi. Have been to their Mumbai outlets, but my experience here forced me to write about them here. A cool place to relax, detoxify your body and help you spend some pampering time with yourself after a stressful work regime. Would love to visit again. Thumbs up!

    Amazing like always

    Sep 16, 2013 by Anonymous

    A 2 day visit to Delhi and I found myself time to visit The Four Fountains Spa. I've been preferring The Four Fountains for more than a year now. Luckily, this branch doesn't disappoint me either. Amidst the hectic schedule, I found time to treat myself to a Back Massage and indeed it was a relaxing experience. Too good!

    An excellent place to relax

    Sep 09, 2013 by Anonymous

    I have been to various spa places globally but somehow always thought that many of those are confused between the Spa and Saloon services. Glad to know that there is a place in my neighborhood itself who have a clear focus on quality Spa and Massage services. Reached the point through a road side "sign board" and have never regretted my decision.
    The amicable staff and their knowledge on the therapies was very good. The ambiance needs a special mention; it was a clean place with a very fine aroma around. The therapists knew what they were doing and overall those couple of hours spent there had helped me truly rejuvenate for the upcoming hectic week.

    5 star service in very economical price

    Sep 07, 2013 by Anonymous

    I have visited the South ex branch of The Four Fountains Spa with my wife. The best thing I appreciate about this spa is their policy of same gender therapy. Somehow you feel comfortable to send your family as some cheap practice are popular in market which family want to avoid... So this place is the no-nonsense and fair place.
    Now let me tell you about the therapy for which we pay....I can assure that they have the best therapist (well trained), nice and calm environment (the architect have spent good time), very detailed menu with specific therapy to cater to your need and BEST price.
    I would personally recommend this place for nice treatment..

    Vijay and Y's Spa Day Out at Four Fountains

    Aug 25, 2013 by Yashodhara

    \"We reached the four fountains spa in Gurgaon (Supermart) I near Galleria market and spotted the spa quickly enough - at least their branding, which was very prominent, considering that they had taken the main entrance arch up in their bright blue. I went for Scrubassage while my husband went for Swedish Massage. Overall, Four Fountains offered good service and a great massage. I\'d give it four stars out of five. I thought the prices were quite affordable - they were lower than some of the others I\'ve seen, although since I\'m not a connoisseur, I can\'t quite say for certain. I did note that they seem to have some pretty killer membership schemes, so if you\'re a regular with that sort of thing, I would say you should definitely check it out. The massage was definitely relaxing and helped us be at total peace.\" Refer

    A wonderful, rejuvenating experience

    Aug 23, 2013 by Anonymous

    The Four Fountains Spa, South Extension Part 2, New Delhi provided us with an environment of comfort, class and professionalism during our visit. The therapy offered was invigorating and left us feeling relaxed, detoxed and de-stressed. I would most definitely recommend The Four Fountains Spa, South Extension Part 2, New Delhi to people and families looking for a World Class Spa experience!

    Spa service are excellent to rejuvenate our lifestyle

    Aug 19, 2013 by Anonymous

    Hi, I am an IT professional and suffers a lot of back ache and mental tension. But when I luckily visited the spa my stress started reducing the moment I entered the spa, the relaxing music and the back beads and the aroma inside the spa started to relax my body and mind. I took the swedish massage with wintergreen oil as prescribed by the doctor of the spa. The oil was made up of herbs. The therapy was so excellent and it had the impact on my back as it had the procedure of deep tissue massage. The therapists are well trained and are so professional in their work and terms of tackling the clients. Overall, the experience was so nice and I also I had took the membership with which I am able to get the therapies of Rs.30,000 by just paying half of it and also it could be availed by my family members. I am so glad to know that it is a family spa. That is the only reason they kept it very clean. Awesome experience.

    Blissful spa

    Aug 07, 2013 by Anonymous

    I have been a regular visitor to four fountains .. the staff has pampered me since the first day the doors opened moreover its always smiling people, well trained masseurs, pleasing astmosphere everything... my all time favourite vinotherapy which i usually go for cellulite reduction n de-stressing.. but to my surprise i gotta know that there are 12 new therapies introduced. So i tried one of them that was there signature therapy "spice & green tea scrubassage".. and it made my day.. it was ablend of scrub and massage.. it relaxed as it was done in pain relieving technique plus its ingredients washed off all my dead skin .. i will definitely go another weekend for another therapies too..

    Four Fountains Spa- My Experience

    Jun 22, 2013 by Eshna

    \"I went to the four fountains spa in Delhi (South Extension 2) branch. And it was more than easy to spot the spa. As soon as you enter the spa, aromatic candles tickle your senses, the whole décor is peaceful and quite. They have separate rooms. Each room has an air-conditioner, which you can set according to your comfort. Hydrating Facial- Contains the goodness of lavender and neroli. Neroli rehydrates the skin and helps it maintain the right moisture and oil balance. Masseur- They had well trained and well behaved masseur. My masseur, Laxmi, was very sweet and kept my preferences on the top. If like me, you also don\'t have the time to nourish and pamper your skin daily. I would definitely recommend this. My session lasted for approx 1 hours 15 minutes, and my skin is glowing even after 3 days. My favourite part of the facial is this that they use 100% herbal products.\" Refer -

    A Spa’cial Experience…

    Jun 21, 2013 by Devina

    \"If you are looking for relaxation, personal care and an experience that reminds you of what is important in life, then go to The Four Fountains Spa in Delhi (South Extension 2). The entire spa has a very warm and woody appearance, so much so that I wanted to stay back forever! The light aroma of lavender and lemon oil was surrounding the entire reception area. Once I chose my therapy, I was taken to the Energy room wherein my masseur took me through the room and the service. The spa room was very well set and lit, and disposable garments were put on the bed for a change. My massuer was very professional and she made me very comfortable in her company. Among all the therapies I chose The coffee and cane sugar body polish. I choose the See-Weed body wrap that was again put for 30 minutes aimed to lighten the skin and balance the skin\'s oiliness. An hour and a half later I walked out from the spa room feeling and looking all shiny and new! I loved my experience here and would recommend everyone to come an experience it for themselves to know how I feel about it! love every bit of it!\" Refer -

    The Four Fountains Spa in India

    Jun 05, 2013 by Anchal

    \"There is a certain aura about this spa that sets it apart. It could be exceptionally hospitable staff, small but smartly laid out rooms, or, perhaps a gorgeous ambiance. Another feature that I am pretty impressed about is that before your treatment, you undergo a test designed to measure your stress levels. I visited The Four Fountains Spa in Delhi (South Extension 2). I opted for was Aromatherapy Massage (Radiating). It is a one-hour gentle massage that uses Jojoba, wheat germ, almond, and extra virgin oil to leave your skin soft, supple, and, glowing. I must say my therapist; ‘Chungte’ made it a blissful experience. Overall, The Four Fountains Spa did an excellent job, leaving me wonderfully refreshed. It’s certainly a place that will not leave you disappointed. I rate them 4 ½ on a scale of five as I believe there is always a scope of improvement\". Refer -

    Reception of Four Fountains Gurgaon

    May 15, 2013 by Rashmi

    “At The Four Fountains Spa in Gurgaon (Supermart1), the experience was mind blowing. Ohh! I felt so relaxed after taking Summer Splash Spa with Swedish Massage Strokes. The ambiance was Super and Dr Meenu with her team very cordial! They took care of all my needs and gave a refreshing afternoon. Overall I can say, it is a great Spa Centre with elite class facilities. In fact, I was stunned when they showed me their price list. The spas are not at all expensive and quite affordable! So everyone once in a while can go for them and burst their stress with soothing massage! Always looking forward to visit it again:)” Refer -

    The Four Fountains Spa Gurgoan

    May 13, 2013 by Paromita

    \"I was at The Four Fountains Spa Gurgoan (Supermart 1).The moment I entered the Spa, the cool interiors made me feel just so relaxed. The reception is very well done with soft colors and lighting. I specially loved the Buddha heads that were kept as a part of the décor. To add to it, a very warm and happy face welcomed me. I went for a combination of Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy with a head massage. My therapist was a pro. She did it so amazingly that I was drifted to a world between dream and sleep. My massage went on for a little more than an hour after that I was given a very relaxing head massage. Not to forget The Four Fountains Spa are a range of most affordable spa spread across eight cities. Get your appointment today and choose a happier body! I completely believe that if you are reading this, you must give it a shot.\" Refer -

    My Couple Spa experience

    May 08, 2013 by Deeptima

    \"Last week Sumit and I had an appointment at The Four Fountains Spa in Delhi (South Extension 2). We went for The Summer Splash Massage with the coolness of mint and aloe vera. The staff was very warm and welcoming not only to us but every guest stepping in. I had an amazing time at the spa. Later that day the aloe, mint and lime had their effects on, and it seriously kept the coolness and fresh feeling locked in, he noticed that his skin felt smooth and hydrated. The massage bed, towels and washroom were nice and clean. Their bride and groom package can be a perfect gift if your friend is about to tie knots. It’s really affordable and services are great too. They give great membership discounts and offers. I can surely see myself visiting The Four Fountains Spa real soon.\" Refer -

    Wonderful Experience with skill full Masseurs

    May 03, 2013 by Anonymous

    The Four Fountains Spa outlet in New Delhi is located in a local popular market and easily accessible. The front desk staffs handling appointments are efficient; the spa rooms are clean & hygienic. The masseurs are skillful. I had a wonderful time and a very relaxing spa session. The rates for various sessions are quite affordable and competitive.

    The Four Fountains Spa ,Gurgaon

    Apr 25, 2013 by Agnibanya

    \"This was my visit to The Four Fountains Spa in Gurgaon (Supermart1). as soon as I entered the Spa, my senses were immediately calmed down by the beautiful lingering aroma of the lemongrass essential oil burning in one corner. That apart, the reception area was dimly lit and I liked the effect it was having on my senses. I opted for a Swedish massage and I must say my therapist did a great job. I came back home happy and relaxed and I\'m already planning my next visit. It is absolutely a delight for people with hectic schedules and a great way to de-stress at very affordable prices. So, the next time you plan to go for a massage or a Beauty therapy like Facials, try The Four Fountains Spa. I would highly recommend their services for giving luxurious therapies at less than bank-breaking prices.\" Refer -

    For when I wanted to treat myself

    Apr 22, 2013 by Neha

    \"Four Fountains Spa in Gurgaon is located in a posh location at SuperMart 1, in DLF Phase 3. When I entered in Four Fountains Spa, the ambience was very soothing with a therapeutic music and dim light. I was amazed with the great hospitality of their staff and cleanliness of the place. I simply loved the way Natural Protein Wrap was done. The process of my spa therapy included Spirulina Body Polish followed by Bastar Mitti Body Wrap. In Spirulina Body Polish, my spa therapist (Nuyik from Arunachal Pradesh) used lemon, orange and lavender essential oils mixed with dead-sea salt to exfoliate the skin. She slowly gave a massage while applying this mixture on the body. It was damn relaxing.
    It was a very relaxing experience and after the therapy was done, I felt refreshed like never before. After this I have decided to pamper myself twice in a month with spa therapies. The therapeutic back massage was totally relaxing too.\" Refer -

    Awesome Place to De Stress your self

    Apr 19, 2013 by Anonymous

    spa industry has seen some phenomenal growth in recent years especially in India.They have become more friendly to ones pocket .out of that there is a four fountain spa conviently located at 17 places in 8 different cities. Recently they have come up in New Delhi at south ex part 2.
    With excellent ambience n better managed staff, good doctors to consult , they are affordable as well. I loved there different types of massages especially de stress manage which is becoming most popular day by day .They also have many types of body wraps, facials etc more u can see once u go through their website .they also have membership programs for ur friends and families. The Spa is Unisex but there policy is to offer same gender therapists like for women the therapist would be the female and for male it would be male. And according to me this is the best policy especially in country like India as we are more comfortable while taking massage or any other therapies. Over all excellent place to visit good hygiene and great people around. Trust me it’s a highly recommended place.

    Summer splash for Delhi summers

    Apr 18, 2013 by Anonymous

    Summer splash a must try after braving through 40 deg such a cooling effect which can only be had while playing in snow . Pressure massage release your stress as well .superb service,friendly staff moreover centrally located in the main market.

    The Four Fountains Spa Experience

    Apr 13, 2013 by Awungshi

    “I booked my appointment at The Four Fountains Spa in Delhi (South Extension 2). I decided to go for de-toxification therapy that consisted of \"Spirulina Body Polish followed by Body wrap in Bastar Mitti\" and \"Swedish Massage - Summer Splash\". They provided clean towels and disposable undergarments. It was very hygienic. I loved the aroma and the polish was perfect for transitioning into summer from the dreadful winter. It scrubbed away all my dead cells and left my skin feeling soft and moisturized. Summer Splash Massage uses the techniques of Swedish Massage and a refreshing pure Aloe-Vera gel with special Lime-Mint extracts to moisturize your skin and leave it supple. It relieves you from exhaustion and refreshes your body. The massage was so relaxing i couldn\'t help feeling sleepy :p I came home and slept like a log :p
    Would definitely love to go back and maybe even get a membership there soon. Refer -


    Apr 09, 2013 by Anonymous

    My search for good spa ends here.........its luxurious ,interiors are soothing ,rooms are cozy & comfortable, atmosphere calm n quite ,therapists are well trained and work under able guidance of a professional Doctor..
    According to me this is the BEST SPA IN DELHI & NCR of international standard.

    Best synergistic blend of therapeutic and rejuvenating body treatments

    Apr 09, 2013 by Anonymous

    I visited The Four Fountains Spa with my better half to enjoy a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of grinding professional life. Couples of Friends have been regular here and raved about how great the service, massages, and facials are. It was my first time here & WOW! We both left relaxed, cleaned from the awesome facials & therapies for de-stressing & detoxification and with smiles on our faces. We will definitely be coming back. Spa Staff was friendly, warm, inviting, and made us feel as we are regulars. Thank you for the trip to Paradise! It means a lot for us to getaway and have a relaxing unforgettable experience. That's what we received from our trip here at this Luxurious spa.

    Best place to get revitalized in a very comfort zone at best price

    Apr 08, 2013 by Anonymous

    The first step of this place leads to feel like being in a very soothing and calm environment followed by very good Counseling related to all stress measures through spa therapies. Combination of well trained professionals with well suited ambiance recharges all brain cells and makes body relax resulting in release of stress in a perfect way. The best part to get all these excellent services at very reasonable price!!

    Spa experience at The Four Fountain Spa

    Apr 04, 2013 by Aparajita

    “I opted to visit The Four Fountains Spa in Delhi (South Extension 2) branch which is located right in the middle of the famous market. As I entered the spa I was greeted by a very earthy decor and cozy environment which I absolutely loved and a very professional staff who took me through the various spa services available and which category they fall under. I decided to go for the Aromatherapy Massage. I have to highlight the fact that the therapist made sure that I was comfortable the whole time and thus after enjoying the sweet fragrance of lavender and the amazing massage from the well trained therapist for a whole hour, I come out feeling pretty relaxed and not to mention absolutely ready to hit the bed and snore off. If you are looking for relaxing day out and to pamper yourself without burning a big hole in your wallet, you have to try The Four Fountains Spa. They are affordable, yet the quality of service is great, their staff is very well trained and the overall atmosphere of the place is really soothing. I had a great experience and I do see myself re-visiting them quite often.” Refer -

    The Four Fountains Spa (South Ex, Delhi)

    Mar 25, 2013 by Ritu

    \"I had been to The Four Fountains Spa – South Delhi (South Extension 2). So when you enter the spa, you are welcomed by cheerful staff. The ambiance of the spa is nice, warm and cozy, with earthy brown colors used extensively in the decor, giving it a very close-to-nature feel. We opted for the Swedish Massage. The therapists were trained well for their job giving a relaxing massage, and we came out relaxed after our sessions. Each room in the spa is equipped with shower cubicles. After the session, we were given a cup of green tea to detox the body from within. Also, we were given a booklet with our complete prescription, a guide to stress free living and a tub of cooling gel to be applied to the soles of the feet before sleeping for a relaxed sleep. Overall, we had a good experience at the Spa. Would love to re-visit soon!\" Refer -

    Paradise for all massage Lovers

    Mar 09, 2013 by Anonymous

    Being a traveler and a massage lover I have tried massages in various countries. I have to say this one is out of the league. A must do for all!! Try it out n u will thank me ;)

    Relaxing and Refreshing

    Feb 28, 2013 by Anonymous

    This time when I went to Delhi, I visited this Spa in South Ex. Must say I experienced one of the best therapies. Staff was very humble and professional and most important thing they know what they are doing. I took Aroma therapy there and told the therapist about areas in which I often feel stress and pain, after the therapy, till now which is two weeks from now, my muscle pain feels so much relieved. People think Spa/massages are just luxury, but trust me in today's lifestyle it has become a necessity. It’s worth spending a bit when we struggle so much to earn. I love spending on clothes, but now time to spend some on our body [so that I can enjoy my new clothes :) Guys go there and try the therapy..Trust me, you and your body will love it!!


    Feb 25, 2013 by Anonymous

    The place is located in south extension market and the massagers were really good.. .had a good relaxing time...

    The Four Fountains Spa, New Delhi

    Feb 21, 2013 by Aparna

    \"I had been to The Four Fountains Spa in Delhi (South Extension 2) and got my hands on Chocolicious Massage. The decor of the place is simple with a no fuss approach. The one thing I had wondered was how they will manage to keep the sounds out in South Extension market, but they did somehow, and all I could hear was soothing music. My therapist did a great job with the massage, in fact even I had not realized how stiff some areas of my body had become till she applied pressure there and I almost collapsed first in pain and then in relief when those joints opened up. When I woke up the next day my skin was definitely feeling soft, supple and the winter dryness has vanished like magic. So I highly recommend you go in for this treatment to do away with the winter blues\". Refer -

    Relaxing and Rejuvenating

    Feb 12, 2013 by Anonymous

    Thanks to Ms. Kaur, made a quick booking at the spa and the experience was nice. On her recommendation took the Steam option and it was one of the best, just that found the steam room bit small for my liking. Massages were nice, enjoyed my favorite Swedish Massage and it was done nicely but a little change was there, which was nice. Would visit it for sure next time.

    Wonderfull experience with no hit to my pocket

    Jan 22, 2013 by Anonymous

    The treatment was simply outstanding..... Steam was too good & i get really satisfied by this spa....all services are good & this was the best spa that i had visited till now. I tried their Red Thyme massage which is not available anywhere else...this massage is their recent launch only for winters. Good job!!!

    So cool

    Jan 03, 2013 by Anonymous

    This is one of d coolest spas I’ve been to. The ambiance n the therapists made me very comfortable. I tried head, neck n shoulder massage since I had been experiencing a neck pain for a long time now. I must say, I loved every bit of it! This place is a must visit!

    A bride's best gift

    Jan 03, 2013 by Anonymous

    I went to this place along with my soon-to-be wed friend and tried out the bridal package. My My! I wonder why I didn't visit this place before. Though I opted for a Spirulina Body Polish, my friend who tried the bridal package looked glowing and how! She was also very happy with her therapist in particular who made the overall experience very comfortable for her. You ought to try this place I say!

    Nice Spa experience

    Dec 18, 2012 by Anonymous

    Four fountain is bit different, i experience their new winter therapy called RED..its very relaxing...therapist is good and know the exact pressure point. Ambience is OK..only problem sometime its noisy as construction going on nearby. The Spa is having same gender therapy which is quite rare now days. Overall good experience

    Awesome experience - look forward to visit them again

    Dec 03, 2012 by Anonymous

    Well, I was invited for a complementary massage, and I chose to get a Thai massage. I already had great experience of Thai Massage at Thailand, and it specially being a dry one and more of passive yoga, I became its fan. I really searched for similar treatment in India, at many spas, and always came back as unsatisfied. At TFFS - Gurgaon - I got the first of its kind in India, who knows what Thai massage, is and also their therapists are well trained. I am not here to compare between what I got at Bangkok v/s TFFS, but at least some exists with right knowledge is good enough to start with, and the best part is you can customize as per your requirement. It was not that, I just went and asked for Thai massage - they counseled me on what I am looking as a end product - is it stress bursting, mental stress v/s physical tiredness, skin pampering with any special attention to any particular body part - like head, shoulder or neck or back. They made sure to check all the hygiene factors before they agreed to give me Thai massage - for example : whether I gone through any surgery or fracture recently, whether I have any skin allergy, whether I would love to have steam bath v/s normal water bath at the end etc. I know how important these are, and only a spa with high professional level to all these checks. They have well thought combo packs - like frequent fliers package, IT professional package etc. Good part is that they have nice membership plans, which are pre paid and are money saving too. You can easily get 20-35% discount having the membership with you. During the happy hours (week days 10am - 5 pm) 50% discounts too!! Aren't they incredible? You can gift your membership to one of your friend or family too, and when you are travelling out of country, you are allowed to inform them, so that they will lengthen your membership period. Their main moto is to bring spa facility to people at affordable cost, and also to make people realize that spa is not just for pampering yourself, however, an essential part of our busy urban life, for us to stay good, healthy and rejuvenating. At Gurgaon, they are located at Super Mart I, DLF Phase IV, 1st floor of the central building. Really centrally located, convenient for parking. Interior is very soothing. They are creative too, in terms of their furniture - the bed that they use for massage, has a small hole - which is very effective, when you require to turn on your stomach, and that hole comes to your eye & nose portion and saves you from suffocation / bending neck on either side. They also have same gender massage policy. They even encourage to have couple getting massaged together. Really a forward looking effort and am looking forward to experience more of them.

    Professional training - perfect execution made my day

    Nov 16, 2012 by Anonymous

    These guys know their Job. The Touch of the Masseuse on my feet cud tell me that yes I am at the right place. The questions of the Therapist were just appropriate to make them decide, what therapy I needed. That is what I call Professionalism. I am happy and proud to be at a place, who mean business and deliver it too. A rare Commodity, found in the capital city of Delhi. A city where people Brag a lot but do not deliver, but this was a big surprise. Kindly maintain the same attitude. You will keep on having me quite often along with my other friends.

    Pure Bliss

    Nov 08, 2012 by Anonymous

    I took a bistar mitti wrap in this spa. It is simply outstanding!! The body wrap they used is 100% natural & very soothing - I could see the response immediately. The staff at the reception is well trained & they will explain you the therapy you require / need & not just push the high price one. The menu is much designed in such a way that you can choose the therapy based on your requirement like body glowing / tiredness / stress relieving etc. Therapists are also well trained and they know the techniques well. Must try if you are looking for some good treatment in a very decent price.... I am looking forward to again visit them soon!!!

    Fantastic Luxury - Highlight of my stay in Gurgaon

    Nov 06, 2012 by Anonymous

    I was in Gurgaon on a business trip and needed a break on the weekend after long hours of work. I have been to premium spas in Indonesia , Hong Kong , Japan.... Four Fountains Spa in Gurgaon was at the same premium level. The Swedish Massage was absolutely relaxing. Highly recommended if you are in Gurgaon.

    New facility, best service.

    Oct 29, 2012 by Anonymous

    Very near to AIIMS, new and plush. Came out refreshed. Staff was courteous and well trained.
    Every thing is new and as per four fountains specification, there were no surprises.

    5 star SPA very reasonable prices

    Oct 23, 2012 by Anonymous

    One of the best SPAs in the city.....very newly opened....and after taking their services last week, I'm sure that Four Fountains is going to be a name to reckon with in the very near future.
    Very polite and well trained therapists....good reception.....they even had a doctor who was not trying to sell the various therapies...but recommneding them basis your lifestyle and problems.
    The aesthetics were different....rooms were very clean and the aroma in the whole SPA was very calming.
    I'm a cost conscious person....and for me getting a 5 star SPA treatment at really affordable prices was the biggest differentiator!....Good going four fountains....look forward to many more visits!

    Relaxing environment with great massage

    Sep 30, 2012 by Anonymous

    This was my 4th trip to India..During our trip to Delhi our travel guide took us to newly opened Spa in Gurgaon..After spending really tiring day i could relax in The Four Fountain spa.
    I took Thai Massage there and enjoyed a lot..The smiling faces of staff made me happy..
    Everything was so neat and clean..The atmosphere was also quite relaxing.

    Relaxing afternoon in The Four Fountains Gurgaon

    Sep 30, 2012 by Anonymous

    I was very stressed coz of my work load so one of my friend suggested me to visit newly opened The Four Fountains Spa in Gurgaon. Trust me! It was amazing!!
    The very first thing which pleased my mind was the decor. Everything is kept in such a good manner that u'll see and start feeling relaxed. The warm hospitality of staff pleased me a lot. The staff is very soft spoken and co-operative. They checked my stress level and then suggested me the relaxing aroma therapy. And let me tell you it was amazingly good!!! After leaving the Spa I was very fresh and was ready to work again.

    It is really refreshing and very good value for money

    Sep 29, 2012 by Anonymous

    I went to the four fountains spa , gurgaon after a hard working day and the moment I stepped in, I felt relaxed as the place offers calm environment. The massage was excellent and I was very refreshed after the massage. It is excellent value for money, and I recommend it for everyone. The staff is always smiling and believe in serving with smile.

    Elegant, quiet, clean and professional

    Sep 14, 2012 by Anonymous

    It is good to see some Indian day spas are beginning to meet high standards of service and hygiene. I came out amazed (but relaxed!) from this one. The reception was warm, well decorated, with pleasant aroma and music, an experience which continued inside the therapy room. The lady doctor took a stress test and recommended 1 hour aromatherapy. The therapist was a young guy but knew his strokes well and increased the pressure appropriately on my legs when I asked him to. Unlike at many other places, the 1 hour therapy actually lasted 1 hour, and the quality of aroma and oil was 5 star level. The personal bathroom attached to the room was small but I somehow liked it as the steam was probably effective because of small size of bathroom.
    Icing on the cake: The person at the reception gave me 400 rupees discount, without asking, as I was told spa was new and they were in their promotional mode!

    TheFourFountainsSpa 022- 65294449 - 65295551 Mumbai Mumbai Maharashtra, 400064 India 4.6 5.0 53 53 Both, Mom & I, choose the Swedish Massage with winter oil along with a head massage, which was a 60 minute treatment. We were directed to the spa room where they began the massage

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  • FAQ
  • Where is Four Fountains De-Stress Spa located in Delhi?

    We are located at South Extention 2 and Shivalik in Delhi. Check out our ‘Spa Locations’ section to find the complete addresses and contact details.

    What treatments or therapies are offered at available?

    Our therapies are classified under 8 holistic programmes for pain, anxiety, sleep, fatigue, de-toxification, immunity, age reversal and skin whitening. Each programme comprises therapies, diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and measurement.

    What is the average cost of the therapies?

    The prices of our therapies differ from one spa to another and range from Rs.2099 to Rs.2649. We offer weekday discounts and pre-paid regime discounts on these prices.

    How can I gift a therapy to someone?

    You can buy an e-gift voucher on our website and get it e-mailed to your and recipient’s email ID. You can also buy a physical gift voucher by visiting any of our spas.

    In which cities is Four Fountains De-Stress Spa present?

    Our spas are present in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkata.

    Why should I visit a spa?

    Spa therapies offer numerous solutions for pain, anxiety, sleep, fatigue, de-toxification, immunity, skin whitening and age reversal. Check out to read in detail.

    What precautions should I take before a spa visit?

    Taking a spa therapy is not advisable if you have undergone a recent surgery or had a fracture. Also if you are suffering from fever, currently menstruating or pregnant it is not advisable to take a spa therapy that day. Do not eat heavily before taking a therapy. Inform our team at the front desk if you are suffering from any allergy or medical conditions.

    Is an extra pair of clothes provided at the spa for the massage?

    Disposable undergarments and a towel are provided at the spa for your therapy. You need not carry any clothes separately for the massage. For Thai massage we provide a loose pair of clothing that you can change into.

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  • April 14, 2015
    Pain is one of the most bothersome symptoms reported by general population. Most of the pain conditions are caused due to lifestyle habits such as prolonged sitting, wrong posture, lack of physical activity, smoking, increased screen time, etc. In India, nearly 77 percent working professionals report various pain conditions such as pain/stiffness in shoulder, backache, hand/wrist or fingers or headache due to work nature and lifestyle. It is no
    April 8, 2015
    First job interview, a legal issue or an illness needing urgent surgery! Do you panic and get worried in such situations? It’s normal to get anxious in stressful situations, because anxiety is body’s natural response to stress and danger. In mild degrees, anxiety is actually of benefit as it alerts us of potential danger and threat. However, extreme worry should not become a regular part of your routine life. When the frequency of fearful
    January 23, 2015
    Stress not only affects us mentally; it can also cause some physical issues such as stiff shoulders, lower backache, stiff neck and even full body pain.  Try Swedish Massage for Body Pain Swedish Massage is performed using long strokes, with deep circular movements, vibration, and tapping. It is known to effectively reduce pain and disability associated with various pain conditions. Swedish Massage involves rubbing muscles together in the s
    January 23, 2014
    Aromatherapy Massage is a distinct way of treating an ailment using essential oils obtained from fragrant herbs.  It has become extensively popular across the globe. Experts claim it to be highly effective for the treatment of stomach disorders, arthritis, mood swings, and psychosomatic disorders. Serious health issues such as migraine and backache can also be treated using aromatherapy. Aromatherapy Massage reduces stress and fully relaxes th
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  • January 30, 2016
    Don’t stop yourself from trying Aromatherapy Massage in Delhi and experience the much needed mental calmness. Being in debt is a particular source of stress to many people in India. In changing and unstable economic conditions many people worry too much about managing their finances. However, you need to recognize the point at which worrying too much about your finances progresses into some serious health issues. Stress has been associated wit
    January 27, 2016
    If you have been feeling low, tired Thai Massage in Delhi can help you regain the energy and stamina Strict deadlines, long working hours and a mind that is under constant pressure to achieve results! Does this describe your work lifestyle in Delhi. People living and working and Delhi can relate themselves to a very hectic and fast lifestyle. Spending more than 10 hours at a workplace and then travelling through busy roads or getting onto crowde
    December 28, 2015
    Try body polish in Delhi to exfoliate the skin and get rid of toxins The Delhi pollution levels are going critically high with highest levels of suspended particulate matters PM 2.5 and PM 10 recorded in December 2015. According to a latest study conducted by researchers from University of Surrey in the United Kingdom, Delhi has most unfavourable weather and is responsible for health hazards and thousands of deaths in a year. Air pollutants,
    September 1, 2015
    Shopping malls that are open 24 hours, pubs, restaurants, bars, and much more!   Many people living in Delhi enjoy the happening night life of the city. Youngsters look forward to spending weekends with friends partying and enjoying the city’s night life.  Parties that go till early morning obviously result in inadequate sleep. This along with other unhealthy behaviours such as smoking, eating unhealthy foods, sleeping too much during the
    August 13, 2015
    Delhi is one of the busiest cities in India. It hosts a large number of corporate offices as well as call centres. Many young people or even college students prefer working in a call centre as it gives them an opportunity to work part-time. People working in call centres have to work in shifts and are under constant pressure to meet their deadlines. Although it may seem easy to answer a call or provide technical support over phone, call centre
    July 1, 2015
    People living in Delhi have accustomed themselves very well to the busy and hectic lifestyle the city offers. However, many people especially women have been reported being stressed due to some of the unpleasant incidences the city has faced recently. Many young women feel extremely unsafe travelling or living alone in the city. Loneliness and fear of falling victim to some unpleasant and life-threatening event puts many women at risk of developi
    June 25, 2015
    Crowded public places, daily travel in metros, dealing with work pressure in office and coming back home tired. Almost every working professional living in a metro like Delhi can relate to this. Activities like walking too much, long travel hours, carrying heavy bags, wrongstanding postures, being overweight etc. can put too much pressure on the foot and eventually causefoot pain that may restrict activities.Our feet constantly help us in accom
    May 26, 2015
    Delhi the capital city of the country offers a lifestyle that is happening but at times can leave one exhausted. If you are working and living in Delhi you can relate to a lifestyle that includes daily travel in metro, driving through busy roads, work commitments, crowded shopping malls and socialising on weekends. However, in our busy schedule we tend to overlook some of our bodily weaknesses such as muscle and joint pain that arise from our str
    April 30, 2015
      People living in metro like Delhi are familiar stressor that can increase the buildup toxins inside the body. Increased pollution, stressful job, sun exposure etc. can speed the process of skin ageing. In addition stress, negative emotions, and anxiety can also have adverse effect on the skin. People who are under too much stress or live unhealthy lifestyle with no physical activity, poor sleep and unhealthy diet tend to show signs of skin ag
    April 30, 2015
    Increased pollution, stressful job, sun exposure etc. can speed the process of skin ageing. People living in metro like Delhi are familiar with such stressor that can increase the buildup toxins inside the body. Skin plays a vital role in protecting our internal organs from the toxins and pollutants. However, factors such as prolonged exposure to pollutants or UV rays, poor diet, smoking etc. causes damage to the structure of skin. In addition